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We are Advanced Biochemicals Company "ABCO" has been established in Egypt since 1995. We are specialized in Scientific as well as Quality control and Research Equipment which we deal and offer in a wide range.… Read more



Dr. Hisham Abd El-Hamid…

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Management  General Manager :…

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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

  We import all the…

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 We are Advanced Biochemicals…

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Last Products

90Plus Particle Size Analyzer
Rapid, Reliable and Accurate Analysis The new 90Plus Particle Size… Read more
  Fully automatic computer control, SS304 made ​​of prismatic /… Read more
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
We are the world’s leading supplier of electron paramagnetic resonance… Read more
TPS Spectra 3000
TPS spectra 3000 from TeraView is the world's first commercial… Read more
Tensiometer PAT-1
Instrument parts basic platform on which all parts are safely… Read more
High Pressure Pumps
FLUID END   FLUID HEAD - Special high resistance stainless… Read more
Hall Effect 7700A Electromagnet Series
Backed and supported by nearly two decades of expertise in… Read more
 Hall Effect 7600 Electromagnet Series
Backed and supported by nearly two decades of expertise in… Read more
7400 Series VSM
Backed and supported by over 40 years of expertise in… Read more
PV Spectral Response EQE/IQE
PVE300 PV Characterisation System In this era of renewable energy… Read more
Solar Simulation
A Solar Simulation system also known as sun simulator reproduces… Read more
NanoTest Vantage
Introducing the NanoTest Vantage The new NanoTest Vantage system offers… Read more
FT-NIR spectrometer. The MPA
Sample Compartment     Sample Compartment with optional sample heater… Read more
VERTEX 80/80v FT-IR spectrometers
The VERTEX 80/80v optics design allows PEAK flexibility and at… Read more
ALPHA FT-IR Spectrometer
No sacrifice in performance The ALPHA interferometer is based on… Read more
MultiRAM Stand Alone FT-Raman Spectrometer
High Performance   The MultiRAM configuration provides a spectral range… Read more
TENSOR II FTIR Spectrometer
Smooth Work Flow TENSOR II provides a smooth and complete… Read more
FluoTime 300
Optical configuration L-Geometry Mode of operation Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) Multichannel Scaling… Read more
Preclinical Imaging - In-Vivo MS FX PRO
Advantages NEW! Fast f/0.95 fixed lens option is ideal for… Read more
Time-Domain (TD) NMR Benchtop Systems
A new sample automation system dedicated to minispec applications Key Advantages… Read more
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Analytical nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solutions and instruments for life… Read more
Key Features of SPR Navi™ 210A: True Goniometric SPR Unlike… Read more